Love Poems for Healing

Love Poems for Healing


A poetry spell-book

LOVE POEMS FOR HEALING is a 12 page poetry and photography book by artist, Yura Sapi.

You may use these words as spells to help guide you along your path, our path of collective liberation and healing for all.

"Collective liberation

Means acknowledgement
And action

New world order
Being in love with each other

Holding space for each other

It’s about addressing the true evils
And evils within

It’s about figuring out how we can do this together

Beyond coexist

A better way to call in
A trust

Trust in solidarity"

Yura Sapi means "Tree Roots" in Runashimi, also known as Kichwa, an Indigenous Andean language of current day Ecuador. Yura carries this legacy and through this book offers our immense gratitude to Nature and their exchange with us.

This book was put together in 2019 using channelled intuitive writing and photography by Yura Sapi on their decolonizing journey traveling to ancestral homelands of Ecuador visiting Kichwa communities in the province of Imbabura.

Yura Sapi speaks of their poetry coming as a messenger from other dimensions and timelines, sent to help us all.

All proceeds from sales go to food sovereignty project Protectores de la Tierra in Nuquí, Chocó through Yura's nonprofit LiberArte. Learn more :::

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